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Occasional DHCP-Problems on i.MX53 Gingerbread Android

Question asked by Marc-Oliver Westerburg on Jun 11, 2015

Hi all


On our i.MX53-based devices we're still supporting Freescale's Gingerbread Android (r10.4) and we're facing occasional Ethernet problems on these devices: when configured for DHCP, occasionally (i.e. ~1 or 2 times in 1000 boots of a device) the dhcpd_eth-service is stopped/killed immediately after it has just been started during system boot; even before the service sent the first DHCPDISCOVER package.


After several tests, adding lots of debugging messages and tracing the instruction flow it seems that this is caused by some kind of race-condition or timing problem in Freescale's EthernetStateTracker/-Monitor/-Manager-classes(in "fsl-android-r10.4\frameworks\base\core\java\android\net") or the libnetutils (in "fsl-android-r10.4\system\core\libnetutils") used by the Java-classes. Couldn't figure out the proper cause for this problem, yet, though.


Anybody else noticed this problem and maybe has a fix for this issue?