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PID Timing interval

Question asked by Binu K on Jun 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2015 by rsdio

  Hai all,

      I designed an  IC engine controll unit for Hybrid Electric Vechile(HEV). The engine speed controlled by engine throttle valve.The throttle valve of engine is controlled by stepper motor with calculated PID value.In my test condition , I choose 1 second time interval for PID calculation, it also fine.When I used lesser time such as 100 ms, 250ms etc there is a large scale oscillation when  there is a small deflection. My engine rpm is nominal 2000 ,and maximum 2500 rpm.

In this application , there may be a sudden change in voltage drop via torque change. So  we can't choose a much long time for PID calculation.


Then how can I solve these situation?