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Question asked by Keith Blackburn on Jun 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2015 by iggi

I just received and assembled my Tower kit: TWR-S12G240-KIT.  I have a few very basic questions: 1. web page states at the bottom that the kit should include TWR-PROTO, but my kit (from Newark Electronics) came with TWR-SER instead.  Is this correct?  If I want TWR-PROTO, do I need to order it separately?  2. Quick start guide TWRS12G240_QSG.pdf pg 5 item 3 states that the MCU board is pre-loaded with an application that makes the four LEDs flash.  When I plug the USB cable into the MCU board's connector, and then play with the pushbuttons and pot adjustment, nothing happens (only LED D2 is lit).  However, when I plug into the elevator board's connector and slide the power switch up, the four LEDs seem to be counting down in binary regardless of buttons I press or adjusting the pot.  Does the MCU application described in the quick start guide only work when the MCU board is separated from the rest of the tower?  3. I'm taking my first steps in starting my first embedded design from scratch.  Are there any relevent on-line training videos or documents other than AN4455 that would help me get started with developing applications and using the tower?  4. Regarding AN4455, section 2 (setup) states to  complete the software and hardware setup per the  User Guide, which I presume is the Quick Start guide.  My primary question is: can the AN4455 demos per performed only with the MCU board integrated with the tower, or only as a stand-alone board, or either?  It seems easy to corrupt the MCU's configuration software, so I don't want to take any chances.