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Random reception of data packets out of reset - ZigBee

Discussion created by Shyam Rachamalla on Nov 27, 2007
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We have a setup where a coordinator transmits heartbeat data packets for every 1/16th of a second i.e, 64 ms. When a router comes out of reset receives the first heartbeat data packet so random that the time interval varies from 50 ms to more than 2 seconds.
I am using BeeStack Codebase for my project. I have verified at my application level code that BeeAppTask function which calls RxZigBee function when the device receives the data packet is not invoked by any other source.
I really have no idea from where the delay of receiving the data packets that were transmitted so regularly by coordinator is being inserted. I am supposed to receive the heartbeat data packet as soon as the router comes out of reset and then I make the router to stay awake as it keeps receiving the heart beat data packets.
I am in a deadlock situation where I can't proceed any further. Could you please help me out providing some tips to debug and figure out from where the delay is being inserted.
Thank you
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