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I.MX6 Board Bringup from Ubuntu 13 Host System

Question asked by srinivasaporam on Jun 10, 2015
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We are working on I.MX6 custom board and now we want to bring the board up using LTIB from a host system that has Ubuntu 13. We have downloaded fsl-L3.10.53_1.1.0_iMX6qdls_Bundle.gz then after extracting we got L3.10.53_1.1.0_ga_images_MX6 folder which consists of several files with extension of .imx, .dtb and .ext3 extensions. one more file (application) is there named zImage. Now how to install and get  LTIB and also bring the boardup. The reference documents are some what old where there are telling there will be some instaallation files from which we can install. But we haven't seen anything like this in the folder.


any help regarding this will be of great help to us.