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boot mode (LS1021A-IOT )

Question asked by MyungJin Hwang on Jun 10, 2015
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I have some problems with LS1021A-IOT(SCH-28203 REV B3/700-28203 REV X2)


there are 2 boot mode in LS1021AIOT.

     - QSPI

     - SDHC(default)


I'd like to flash images and boot from QSPI.

I just changed SW2.1 (1 ->0).

But it's not work at all.



#1 : QSPI boot is supported ?

     - 6. Functional status and known limitations  (QSPI Boot No) in LS1021A-IOTGS.pdf

#2 : Should I control some others for QSPI boot?


#3 : i can see about TWR-LS1021A in QorIQ SDK 1.7 Documentation

      but no LS1021A-IOT. where may i see it ?