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About addressing setting at QuadSPI Boot for i.MX6SoloX

Question asked by yuuki on Jun 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2015 by Pavel Chubakov

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We refer to the following reference manual.


According to section 51.1.1 Features of QuadSPI in Reference Manual, the following contents are explained.

"•Supports 3-byte and 4-byte addressing."


And, according to section Address scheme, the following contents are explained.

• Extended Address Mode
"By default, the QuadSPI is in 24-bit legacy address mode."


In section 8.6.2 QuadSPI Serial Flash BOOT Operation, it seems that The setting about the addressing mode does not be explained.


Does QuadSPI Serial Flash BOOT use only 3-byte addressing?
In addition, can Boot device be changed to 4-Byte addressing mode after Boot?


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