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Magnetometer vector-magnitude function  FXOS8700CQ

Question asked by Luke Lynch on Jun 9, 2015



I have a FXOS8700CQ and intend to only use the magnetometer side of the device.


I want to know can anyone help me with setting up my device? I basically want to detect a magnetic field. the picture below with give an idea of my set up.


The magnet will end up in the same place every time and has roughly a magnetic field of 110uT at 120mm away from the magnetometer.


My concern is if someone was to bring a magnet or phone etc. up close to the rear of the PCB (-z axis) that it will mimic the magnet (as there is no negative or positive readings/threshold).


Is there away around this in software or using the Magnetometer vector-magnitude function? I don't know much about vectors etc. so if someone could help me it would be great.

i have AN4458 and I don't think it suits my application.