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FreeRTOS or MQX? - Problems while importing RTOS using Processor Expert

Question asked by Vishal Girisagar on Jun 9, 2015
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1.  I want to use RTOS for my application. I am using Kinetis series K22FN512 MCU. Which RTOS is better? 


2. Is Processor Expert free of cost. ? If yes, I got following error today -

Jun 9, 2015 4:38:49 PM Starting Processor Expert service

System directory = C:\Freescale\KDS_3.0.0\eclipse\ProcessorExpert

Internal cache directory = C:\ProgramData\Processor Expert\PECache\6e5874fa

Processor Expert license file = not used (no license file)


3. Also I am using Kinetis Design Studio IDE for compiling. I am facing some weird problems. Not able to see "Kinetis SDK", "Free RTOS" and "MQX" in component library. I am following the tutorial in below link. Please help me.


Tutorial: FreeRTOS with the Kinetis SDK and Processor Expert | MCU on Eclipse