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Debugging Problem FXTH87xx02 - CodeWarrior - USBDM

Question asked by Werner Moeck on Jun 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2015 by Werner Moeck

Hallo together,


i try to debug the TPMS Sensor FXTH87xx02 with CodeWarrior and a USBDM Programmer.

Programming of the following example project for the 1 Axis Sensor is working.

If i start to debug the programm in the stepping mode of codewarrior then i get a error in the following line by reading the Voltage.

Temperature- and Pressure- Measurment also gives a error in the same way!

Someone has an idea what the problem could be?


Could it be that the preprogrammed areas of the FXTH870511 were overwritten by mistake?

Therefore the question has somebody a Image File for the one axis Sensor FXTH870511? I can only find one for the two axis sensor!


I hope someone can help me...


Kind regards