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MM912G634DV1AE hot and smoking

Question asked by David Dai on Jun 8, 2015
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I try to debug my source coade with Code Warrior IDE 5.9.0 and P&E USB BDM Multilink,

but always failed to connect with MM912G634DV1AE, then I found MM912G634DV1AE is very hot.

Firstly, I doubt the Multilink or my schematic have some issue.

But lastly, I simplify  my schematic as below, then power on with no connection to Multilink,

MM912G634DV1AE is also very hot, the current is greater than 100mA,(BTW, I test this schematic with at least 3 pcs MM912G634DV1AE, result is same).

Could you please tell me the reason? My understanding is the MM912G634DV1AE should enter sleep mode as below schematic.




Thanks a lot!


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David Dai