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P1010 Global Timers issues

Question asked by HARRY JUCQUOIS on Jun 8, 2015
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I’m currently working on an electronic board based on the P1010. I’m trying to use global timers on the P1010 but I have been unable to get A0 and B0 global timers working. Indeed, timer interruptions don't cause external interrupts.


You could find below more explanations about what I have done so far.


Concerning the initialization of the processor, I have set two main things :


  • Initialize MSR register by setting the MSR[EE] bit to 0 (wrteei  0)
  • Initialize the IRQ module :
    • Reset PIC writing RST bit to 1
    • Clear CTPR register
    • Clear all pending interrupts reading IACK and writing  EOI
    • Set PIC operating mode equals to Mixed mode (interrupts are handled by the normal priority and delivery mechanisms of the PIC)
    • Enable global interrupts changing MSR[EE] bit to 1 (wrteei  1)


After having got the timer configuration register reference (CCSRBAR address + 40000h + 1100h for A0 Global timer and CCSRBAR address + 40000h + 2100h for B0 Global timer), I have :


  • Set internal interrupt destination register to 1 of the PIC_GTDRA0/B0 register in order to direct timer interrupts to processor core
  • Specified the interrupt priority to 1 and set the vector field of the PIC_GTVPRA0/B0 register
  • Enabled counting and set the base count of the PIC_GTBCRA0/B0 register


Before the initialization of the A0 Global timer :




After initialization :




At runtime :




The global timers seem to work since I can see the PIC_GTCCRA0 register values decrementing. Reading the P1010 QorIQ Integrated Processor Reference Manual, it mentions that the PIC_GTCCRA0[TOG]  is toggled when the current count decrements to zero and cleared when PIC_GTBCRA0[CI] goes from 1 to 0. However, the CI bit is always set to 1 and doesn’t change at all.


Looking at the PIC_GTVPRA0 register, I have noticed that the Activity bit is always set to 1 and interrupt request from the PIC should cause the processor to take an external interrupt, right ?


Is there any additional register/step needed to setup and use global timers? Anyone can explain me in details how they work?