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frame rate problem of MIPI camera

Question asked by kilsu hong on Jun 8, 2015
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It's my first time to develop MIPI Camera

I managed to capture images on our platform, including MIPI CSI-2 interface,

but when checking frame rate, it measured about two over three (2/3) compared to original frame rate.

such as,

when frame rate is set to 30 fps, actual frame rate is measured about 20~21 fps.

For exact measurement, any file operation is not run, just only dequeue buffer from IPU.


The below is my command for frame rate measurement,


./mxc_v4l2_capture.out -iw 1280 -ih 720 -ow 1280 -oh 720 -i 1 -m 0 -fr 30


I don't know why the frame rate is matched with ISP.


Do you have any idea to improve frame rate of MIPI-CSI2 camera?


Thank you for your advice in advance.


(I have been developing my device based on BSP 4.1.0, kernel version 3.0.35)