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eGUI alternate language string table prefix won't change

Question asked by Gene Goff on Jun 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2015 by denisse_mendoza

The eGUI demo for the TWR-K70 has a language selection example which uses the D4D_STRINGTABLE_PREFIX character '@' to intercept the string and divert it to a different language string table.  However, I want to use the @ character as the displayed text title on a button, such as in a QWERTY keyboard application.  Since the @ character in a string has a special meaning, it won't display as the button text title.  It seemed the easiest workaround would be to simply use a different ASCII character such as $.  So I replaced every occurance of the @ character with the $ character concerning the D4D_STRINGTABLE_PREFIX and in the string table itself.  It did not work, all the strings displayed the literal "$01", "$02" etc. 


Anyone know how to use a different reserved character for the D4D_STRINGTABLE_PREFIX?