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Populate MIPI to enable?

Question asked by John Cannizzo on Jun 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2015 by John Cannizzo

I have a Sabre board with iMX6Q, and I noticed the MIPI port (J5) is not populated. I looked at the current schematic, and it shows the MIPI components "not populated".  This seems like such an elementary question that has probably been asked many times, but I couldn't find it.  If I populate the MIPI components (J5, C602, C50, SH501, U10, R26, C585, C588, C28, C29, L10, L25, R726, C30, C587) will the MIPI port work from a hardware standpoint?  I plan on purchasing a MIPI camera for a surveillance / face recognition project, and want to insure it will interface to the Sabre.