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imx28 SD card boot

Question asked by ???myir on Jun 7, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2015 by markwilliams



We designed a custom board base on IMX287.

Now we can boot from nand-flash and USB(recovery mode), but can not boot from SD card(connected to SSP0).

When setting the boot pins to SD/MMC Boot Mode, we are getting below two lines in terminal:





From some documents I see 0x8020a014 means ERROR_DDI_SD_MMC_DEVICE_NOT_SUPPORTED. but I thought the SD card is fine because used this card could boot on imx28 EVK.


And I got a patch on freescale:


Some questions:

1) The patch is necessary on imx287? if not this patch can not boot from SD card?

2) If yes, HOW to burn this patch to EEPROM(SPI), use mfgtool?

3) After burn to EEPROM, the boot pins should be set as SPI Boot Mode or SD/MMC Boot Mode?


can anyone provide some helps on this?

Thanks in advance!