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mc9s12g128 Write Eeprom

Question asked by Zhang Huarong on Jun 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2015 by iggi

When I use BDM debug the MCU,the eeprom can be written,but when I disconnect

the BDM and restart the MCU,the eeprom can not be written.I do not know

why?Please help me,thanks.


The .prm is:

/* This is a linker parameter file for the MC9S12G128 */

NAMES END /* CodeWarrior will pass all the needed files to the linker by command line. But here you may add your own files too. */


SEGMENTS  /* Here all RAM/ROM areas of the device are listed. Used in PLACEMENT below. */


/* Register space  */

/*    IO_SEG        = PAGED         0x0000 TO   0x03FF; intentionally not defined */


/* RAM */

      RAM           = READ_WRITE    0x2000 TO   0x3FFF;


/* D-Flash */

     DFLASH        = READ_WRITE   0x000400 TO 0x0013FF;