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CAN bus on MQX 4.0.2, TWR-SER2 and TWR-VF65GS10

Question asked by Tomasz Sliwinski on Jun 5, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2015 by Rene Kolarik



We are using MQX 4.0.2 and need to use CAN bus on TWR-SER2 and TWR-VF65GS10

  1. 4.0.2 does not seem to have CAN bus code in the BSP.

Should we upgrade to newer version of MQX?  Or somehow slice in code for the CAN bus?


MQX 4.1.2 has CAN bus support in the BSP, but..with MQX 4.1.2 the same app that runs on MQX 4.0.2 fails to load (load stops half-way through when using mqxboot command)