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A Question About The Kernel Configuration For The Linux Build Distributed With Clonezilla

Question asked by Patrick Morrow on Jun 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2015 by Patrick Morrow

We have built a custom board around an LS1021A chip.  We've managed to create everything one would need (u-boot, device trees, linux kernels, etc.) in order to run Linux on our system.  After running Linux for several minutes, we encounter either kernel panics or faults that bring everything to a standstill.  We've managed to cobble together an SD card complete with a u-boot that was compiled explicitly for our custom board, and Linux files (uImage, dtb and rootfs) for the LS1021A-TWR that we got from the Clonezilla distribution built on Linux 3.12.0.  This setup runs indefinitely.  Nothing seems to cause panics or faults or anything else.


We were wondering if we could somehow get the Kernel Configuration file for the Clonezilla build and compare it to our configuration file.


We're fairly certain it has to do with some kind of faulty driver that is not included on Clonezilla, but we are having a hard time tracking it down. Using SDK1.7 with Service Pack 1.5 to build Linux with the default kernel configuration and default dts files also produces kernel panics.