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udp socket datagram block ethernet

Question asked by Emanuele Trapani on Jun 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2015 by Emanuele Trapani

hi, i'm working on frdmk64f demoboard, mqx 4.1 and CW 10.6

i have multiple task in my application. one of which receive from udp socket, and other manage the comunication of other stream socket. normally every task works fine: i send from my pc the datagram and the application elaborate it, while i have other stream comunication opened that works fine.

but sometimes, when i send a datagram, it is not received and cause a temporary block of ethernet device, of every open socket. after a variable time from the datagram is not received, always <10 second, every socket resumes to work and elaborate every packets, sent from my pc in this variable time.

so i have not lost any data, just the datagram is not received.

the udp task is still wait in the blocking recvfrom. the other task wait, during this time, in the RTCS_selectset() function untill something happens and they resume work.

i would to know why the not elaborated udp packet cause this block state for a variable time, always < 10 second.