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MC13224v + Beestack [ZIGBEE PRO]

Question asked by Marco Nieddu on Jun 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2015 by AngelC

Hi All,

i want expose my problem in order to solve it, if it is possible.

The problem is related to the routing tables of the dongle.



I periodically execute a LQI request to all nodes of my zigbee network, and after some time, i receive some network errors:

For example:

NLME-NWK-STATUS.Indication NeighborExpired for 5504

NLME-NWK-STATUS.Indication Nontreelinkfailure for 0000, where 0000 is the shortaddress of itself.

NLME-NWK-STATUS.Indication TargetDeviceUnavailable for B793

NLME-NWK-STATUS.Indication Noroutingcapacity for B793



This is a strange issue and i want solve it, because all nodes are corrently connected and no one is plugged off

can someone help me?

If i restart the dongle, and re-execute all commands (Reset + ModeSelect.Request + WriteSas.Request + StartNetwork.Request + all others), all is ok for a limited time, and then, the problem is present.




Marco N.