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4 Channel 720P30 Video capture with single Soc

Question asked by Shabbir Limdiwala on Jun 5, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2016 by Joan Xie



For one of the upcoming products, we are looking for right architecture to implement SVM (Surround view monitoring) system. There will be 4 cameras mounted on car's front, rear, left and right side and we want to design a host system which can capture 4 channel Bayer/YUV data (each 720P@30), stitch them together to create one 720P view to be displayed on dashboard.


Can you suggest Freescale SoC which is able to capture 4 simultaneous channel 720P@30 fps?

If I am not wrong, one i.mx6 can capture two 720P30 channels at max. What if I want to capture 4 channels (I am fine using either CSI/paralle/both interfaces to achieve this use case).


If single SoC can't do that, what are the possible ways to achieve this use case?