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UBIFS error on freescale linux kernel

Question asked by Smitha Ratnam on Jun 4, 2015
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We have a freescale linux(2.6) kernel. We are using the mtd devices to communicate with the Micron Nand Flash memory. We suddenly started to see some problems with the UBIFS.

We are mounting the rootfs on mtd4 and the logfs on mtd5.

The error we see in the logs is:

Jan  1 00:00:05 STX-16 user.notice kernel: klogd started: BusyBox v1.20.0 (2012-09-18 17:42:52 MST)
user.err kernel: UBIFS error (pid 1119): ubifs_recover_leb: LEB 24 scanning failed 


The partition seems to be corrupt. When does this happen? I have read that it happens during a power loss in some scenarios.

Also, is there a way to retrieve data? The roots seems ok because the logging information is being handled by the logfs partition. I am unable to mount the logfs partition.

When I try to mount mtd5, I get an error:

mount: mounting ubi1:log on /mnt/nand failed: Structure needs cleaning


Please help.