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use freedom board to program custom board

Question asked by Thiago Palmieri on Jun 4, 2015
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I am trying to use the freedom board (FRDM-KL43Z) as a debugger/programmer for a custom board.


For that, I have populated the SWD connector header (J11) and cut the trace on jumper J18, which is said to isolate the KL43 on the board from the SWD interface.



When I connect both boards through a cable on the SWD connector, initially I got the "device is secure, unsecure it" dialog. I have enabled the "allways mass erase" on the debug configurations and the dialog does not appear anymore. Now it seems that the board is not recognized by the P&E connection assistant. It recognizes the openSDA USB connection, but is unable to program the custom board.


I am using a test program that works just fine on the FRDM-KL43Z.


The chip on the custom board is brand new.


Cuting the J18 trace, only isolates the clock from the FRDM KL43 from the openSDA interface. May it be possible that the still connected SWD DIO pin is interfering with the communication? Do I need to cut any more traces for that to work? (Maybe the FRDM KL43 power headers J20 and J7, thus disabling the chip??)