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Vybrid MFG Tool Issue

Question asked by doug Martens on Jun 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2015 by Jozef Maslik

I am using the Vybrid V5R and V5F series processor in two different products at this time, and we have the Tower Systems eval board with the V5F loaded on it.  We are having all sorts of issues connecting USB through the MFG tool.  If the PC that is hosting the MFG tool is USB 1.1 then all three products connect and work properly.  If the PC supports USB 2.0 then the host/device negotiate a highspeed connection and then fails to be recognized.


One would immediately conclude that this is an SI issue.  However, here are the facts;

1. Both of our custom boards experience this issue on all PC's,

2. Our boards are 50 ohm impedeance without split planes.

3. All signals are run adjacent to the ground plane.

4. No signals are within 3W of the pair.

5. Pair is run differentially with length matchine to 250thou.

6. Tower system eval board experiences the exact same fate including with external developers.

7. By passed all cable/connector issues and spliced a USB cable directly into traces on board with standard USB cable.


To us it seems like the microcoded bootloader does not support USB Highspeed even though the port does in an operating system.  Has anybody experienced the same issue and is their a fix?