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Adding delay to Vybrid Quad SPI boot

Question asked by Jefy Chacko on Jun 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2015 by Jefy Chacko

Hello All,


I am working on Vybrid tower VF65GS10_A5. I have an application which is configured to run from DDR in the linker script file. I am flashing the application to Quad SPI so that on power-on reset it would boot from Quad SPI and run from DDR. The application currently boots from Quad SPI and runs successfully from DDR. I don't have an explicit copy program to copy my application from QSPI to DDR, so I assume it would be copied from QSPI to DDR on boot-up automitically (Not sure how this works, any more detail on this would also be helpful)


So I don't have a problem with booting from Quad SPI and executing from DDR. But the problem is that the application is actually a GUI application and has some graphics and font data which is not displayed on the screen properly. So I am thinking that on boot up these data are not copied to DDR completely due to which i am seeing incomplete and distorted graphics on the screen.


One probable solution to this which i am thinking would be to add some delay before booting from QuadSPI so that it gets enough time to copy the data completely to DDR. Any help on how to do this or any other options would be greatly appreciated


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