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Can anyone help me get the power_manager_rtos_demo running with mqx-lite?

Question asked by Mark Dobrosielski on Jun 4, 2015

No problem getting power_manager_rtos_demo_mqx running on a FRDM-KL43Z board, but when I try to use an mqx-lite configuration it crashes (jumps to the Reset Handler). To get it to build, I removed references to the mqx_stdlib and changed MQX_COMMON_CONFIG    to MQX_LITE_CONFIG in mqx_sdk_config.h. In main.c, I also had to bypass the ioctl call that disabled the stdin echo flag. I guess mqx-lite doesn't have ioctl?


Any thoughts?


My ultimate goal is to get the mower manager demo running under mqx-lite on a FRDM-KL27 board, but there's no demo project for the KL27 except bare metal.


I've attached a zip file containing the project for the FRDM-KL43Z. I've changed main.c and created a power_manager_rtos_demo_mqx-lite directory. I use IAR for my projects.

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