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Downloading android 4.4.3 board images on a sd-card using MFG Tool when working with i.MX6Dualite SABRE-AI platform fails.

Question asked by bandela prathyusha on Jun 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2015 by SergioSolis


     I am working with i.MX6Dualite Sabre Ai Board. I want to download board images on the sd-card. I have updated the cfg.ini using mfgtool2-android-mx6dl-sabreauto-sdcard.vbs file as follows:


chip = Linux


board = sabreauto


name = SDCard-Android-IMX6Q-SabreAuto


board = sabreauto

mmc = 2






mfgtool2-android-mx6dl-sabreauto-sdcard.vbs  file is given as:

Set wshShell = CreateObject("") "mfgtool2.exe -c ""linux"" -l ""SDCard-Android-IMX6DL-SabreAuto"" -s ""board=sabreauto"" -s ""mmc=2"" "

Set wshShell = Nothing


After updating in this way, I get an error :ModuleID[2] LevelID[1]: Parse ucl script failed, error code: 4.

The switch configurations of the board in download mode are set as: SW3 0101.


Could someone please tell me how to update the cfg.ini file so that the board images can be downloaded to the sd card using MFG tool. Do we need to do any changes in the ucl2.xml file, if so please tell me the updates to be made.