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LM_NOSERVSUPP error when licencing CW

Question asked by Patrik Moravek on Jun 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2015 by Patrik Moravek


when licencing the CW 10.6 with licence file on Flexlm licence server I am getting following error:


Detail information for product "CodeWarrior for MCU" version "10.6.0.FSL_b06010"

status: "Unknown error with key BasicEditionMCU 10.5, LM_NOSERVSUPP.  "


Error String: Unknown error with key BasicEditionMCU 10.5, LM_NOSERVSUPP. 

Mandatory feature keys:

  BasicEditionMCU 10.5, status : Unknown error with key BasicEditionMCU, LM_NOSERVSUPP.



While my licence file contains:

VENDOR metrowks


INCREMENT BasicEditionMCU metrowks 10.5 19-may-2016 1 1CDB5152B87E \

  VENDOR_STRING="CodeWarrior for MCU Basic Edition (Windows - \

  Eclipse)" DUP_GROUP=UH ISSUER="Freescale Semiconductor" \

  ISSUED=02-jun-2015 ck=XXX SN="XXX" TS_OK


Any idea where the problem is?