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TWR-ADCDAC-LTC demo with TWR-K24F120M

Question asked by Dino Farina on Jun 4, 2015
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I'm new to Freescale MCUs and this support community, so please excuse me if my perspective is off.  I'm trying to get the TWR-ADCDAC-LTC module to work with a TWR-K24F120M controller to figure out how to directly access the LTC ADC and DAC chips via SPI with any Kinetis controller for my application.  However, all the demo code and documentation I've gone through is based on using the TWR-K60D100M.  Any suggestions on how to get over this short of buying and using a TWR-K60D100M instead?  Simple is best for me at this point since I'm new with all of this.  Also, what do folks recommend as basic starter videos/training for getting the Freescale software setup for exploring the capabilities of the TWR modules?  Your inputs are greatly appreciated.