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Programming Interface Recommendations for KE06 Family

Question asked by Thomas Olenik on Jun 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2015 by ZhangJennie

I have been using various Kinetis evaluation boards for several months and have selected the KE06 family MCU for a project I'm working on. This will be a low rate production project, and I think its going to be best to have programming capability brought out the the connector interface for reprogramming  in the field. According to Chapter 9 of the reference manual, it appears that SWD is the only interface supported by the KE06 for programming. It looks like the USB Multilink Universal by P&E Micro supports this.


Is anyone using the USB Multilink Universal by P&E Micro successfully with the KE06 or with other Kinetis over SWD and can offer any feedback?

Is anyone using the above with Kinetis Design Studio?

Does anyone know of any guidlines available for using any of the above together?

Are there better options? 

Any problems?

I'm looking for a low cost solution for initial work. I am also evaluating the Qorivva MPC5xxx family for another project and the above programming says it supports that as well.


Any help is appreciated.




Tom Olenik