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Trying to get a connection with a TI CC2564 Bluetooth Module

Question asked by Max Wittmann on Jun 3, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2015 by Mark Bennett
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i am trying to communicate with a Bluetooth Module CC2564B  (MODNEM) of Texas Instruments with my Kinetis K10 (Cortex M4).


Has anybody made experience with that combination before?


There is the need of loading a Service Pack (.bts-file) onto the Module. I used the Download for CC2564B BT 4.1 SP in the following link:

CC256x Downloads - Texas Instruments Wiki


It can to be converted to a .h-file with a TI-software (CC256x Bluetooth Hardware Evaluation Tool - Texas Instruments Wiki)


Now there is the problem that everytime i try to send the bts-file as hex (i converted the service pack before), the RTS becomes 'HIGH' and doesn't react anymore. RTS must be 'LOW' after a proper Power-Up sequence (as described in CC256x Testing Guide - Texas Instruments Wiki ). With the hex dump 0x01 0x01 0x10 0x00 you get the firmware-version of the module which you need no service pack for. So if i send this hex dump before the service pack, it works. Afterwards, it doesn't. So the problem seems to be down to a correct transmission of the service pack.


Anyone got a suggestion how to achieve a correct transmission of the service pack via a K10 / Cortex M4? All i find about is with MSPs and Python...


Thanks in advance,