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FXTH87xx11 Target connection Lost

Question asked by logan chen on Jun 3, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2015 by sakthivel kulandaivel

Hi There

I’m debugging FXTH87xx11_Starter_Project_CW10 project downloaded from Freescale website, and found some issue.

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I debugged this project using the step over function. The debug window displayed “Target connection Lost” when executed firmware routine. The details show in the following picture. For example, when executed TPMS_READ_VOLTAGE() function, “Target connection Lost” would display.

u8Status  = TPMS_READ_VOLTAGE(gu16UUMA);

The routine could run normally before the firmware routine.

Pls help me work it well.


codewarrior version:10.6.4

Debuggerr: U-MULTLINK-FX