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Can't we use coin cell battery(CR2032, 220mAh) for MC13213 boards???

Discussion created by lakshmanarao lekkal on Nov 27, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2007 by Brian Witzen
Hi All,
I have prepared mc1321x board without external power amplifier and LNA, it is working with two AA batteries and with DC adapter but not working with coin cell or button cell battery. whenever I connect to coin cell battery voltage is dropping from 3V to 1.8V. Can we use lithium battery for MC1321x boards, if it is possible please forward the details of alternate coin cell battery. I am making a keyfob module, for that I can't use AA battery(since bigger in size) can anyone suggest me what kind of battery I can use to minimize the module size.Find the attached file for additional information on battery details which I have used.