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eGUI Unicode build errors

Question asked by seandema on Jun 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2015 by Vittorio Castellini

I'm attempting to use unicode with eGUI(D4D). Everything works fine when just using ASCII but I can't get things to compile once I #define D4D_UNICODE. I've never used unicode before so there is probably just something I'm missing. I'm running on a Kinetis K70 with MQX 4.1 with the eGUI 3.01 from github Gargy007/eGUI · GitHub all building in CodeWarrior 10.6. Here is a sample of my code.


#include "wchar.h"

const wchar_t * ws = L"Wide string";
D4D_WCHAR english[] = {L"English"};


Line 3 has the error: unknown type name 'wchar_t'

Line 3 has the error: wide character array initialized from incompatible wide string


From what I understand I need the 'L' before my string to make it a long string but that doesn't seem to help.


Does anyone know what I've done wrong.