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T1042 SerDes Lane Assignments and Multiplexing

Question asked by lwn on Jun 2, 2015
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The "QorIQ T1040 Reference Manual, Rev. 0, 01/2015" shows SerDes lane assignment and multiplexing options in "Figure 31-1. Supported SerDes Options".

The SerDes mux configuration I am looking for is not listed.


For example, If I would need two PCIe x2, two sgmii and one SATA:

  • SerDes ABCD as PCIe1 x2, sg.m1, sg.m2 (like in configuration 0x40 or 0x45) and
  • SerDes EFGH as PCIe2 x2, PCIe4 x1, SATA1 ((like in configuration 0x81) and
  • EC1/EC2 as MAC4/MAC5

Would a SerDes mux configuration 0x41 be possible?

Or does Figure 31-1 show the only available ones?