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MFG - Manufacturing Tool - i.mx6  Androi4. flash- Fails

Question asked by bandela prathyusha on Jun 2, 2015


       I have modified the cfg.ini file as follows.


chip = linux


board = SabreAuto


name = Nand-Android-IMX6DL-SabreAuto


board = sabreauto

mmc = 0





I want to flash it on Sabre-AI platform using NAND.

Whenever I run MFG tool2, I get an error Iitialize operation failed,  please refer to "MFGTool.log" for detailed information, errror-code:4.


Could some one say, how to modify the cfg.ini file according to the VBS file.

The VBS file for i.MX 6Solo/6DualLite SABRE-AI NAND is given as,


Set wshShell = CreateObject("") "mfgtool2.exe -c ""linux"" -l ""Nand-Android-IMX6DL-SabreAuto"" -s ""board=sabreauto"" -s ""nand=nand"" -s ""nanddtb=gpmi-weim"" -s ""part_uboot=1"" -s ""part_kernel=2"" -s ""part_dtb=3"" -s ""part_rootfs=4""  "

Set wshShell = Nothing.