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KE02 and KL02 micro to micro UART communication issues

Question asked by umsankar kalluru on Jun 2, 2015

Hi Isaac Avila,

Thanks for spending time and providing the feedback on this.

The above experiment you did and code I have provided works communicating

from KE02 to KL02, but the actual problem was to communicate from KL02 to


I repeated the experiment with custom board with KL02 processor and

FRDM-KE02Z board and i still face the issue of not communicating properly

from KL02 to KE02.


Please find the attached code which will communicate from KL02 to KE02,

Since I don't have KL02 freescale demo board , can you please run the

attached firmware on the above setup you have and let me know if you see

the correct bytes.




Thanks again for your help.

-Umasankar K


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