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u-boot debugging with arm ds 5 ultimate edition in windows 7

Question asked by Saida S on Jun 1, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2016 by Ken Stein
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Hi I.MX community

i am working with I.mx6 dual lite board

can any one give the guidelines to create a u-boot project and compiling with ds5 for debugging

i am using DS5 5.2 version

debugger is DSTREAM

i tried with two ways

1. i compiled u-boot in linux using arm-none-eabi tools and created a general project in ds5 and try to download u-boot file to target board  but its not loading the elf file

2. i created a "new make file project with existing code" than created targets a) clean b)mx6dlsabresd_config and than building project all this done afters proper settings done for project

in this case its showing build is finished (3.4 ms) but no images are created and i am using u-boot-2015.01 version


please can any solve this and give quick reply i am stucked here


than k you