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Question asked by Karunakaran Radhakrishnan on Jun 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2017 by Karunakaran Radhakrishnan

Dear All,


We are using our own customized T2080 processor board. NOR (CS0 and CS1) and NAND (CS3 and CS4) Flash are connected in the IFC controller. The NOR flash configured in software as ADM MODE 0, CSOR0[ADM_SHFT] = 0 and Hardware signals are routed to NOR flash:

IFC_A[16:30]    ->    A[14:0]

IFC_AD[4:15] -> latch -> A[26:15]

IFC_AD[0:15]    <->    DQ[15:0]

As per this configuration, NOR Flash are working fine. In RCW bit 410-411 are configured for IFC_A[28:31] line, I unable to configure for IFC_RB_B[2:4] because of hardware limitation.

So that, I am not using the R/B signal in NAND flash.


In NAND flash driver, I can able to read the device ID and Manufacture ID using 0x90 command. but read value zero in command 0xEC (Read Parameter command).


1) it is possible to use NAND Flash without R/B signal?


2) it is possible to configure the IFC_A[31] bit alone as IFC_RB_B[4]?