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Program flash: Segment overflow: .p_Code for MC56F8345 with CW 7.3

Discussion created by Francois Bilodeau on Nov 26, 2007
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I am a newbie trying to compile a project on a MC56F8345. 
I'm using CodeWarrior version v.7.3 with Processor Expert.
I get this error when linking:
"Link error: Segment overflow: .p_Code
I know a have only 128Kb on program flash
But on my projet I saw on my project view (.mcp)
- User Modules is using 77K
- Support is using 47K
Is this normal that those 4 libraries using 47K of the program flash
- MSL C 56800E.lib                   (44186)
- MSL C 56800E lmm.lib           (n/a)
- Runtime 56800E.lib                (4526)
- Runtime 56800E lmm.lib        (n/a)
Did someone have a hint to optimize program flash memory?
I know my program is big, but i don't realize CodeWarrior will take so much of the 8345 .
Thank you.

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