How to Convert a CW project to KDS. [Solution]

Discussion created by salah on Jun 1, 2015

When you try to convert a CW project to KDS you may experience some error. Like following:



Description    Resource    Path    Location    Type

make: *** No rule to make target `YourProgramName.elf', needed by `main-build'.  Stop.    YourProgramName           C/C++ Problem


Here is the following solution worked for me.



How to Convert a CW(Codewarrior) project to KDS?


  1. Build your project in CW
  2. Import CW project in KDS
  3. Right Click and Convert to CW
  4. Click on Run and Debug Configuration
  5. GDB PEMicro Interface Debugging  Add New
            Go Under Debugger and Select your Device 

          Interface select OpenSDA  Embedded Debug

          DO Not Click Apply Just Click Debug Wait some time

          [After this you may get another error, Then try delete the project and import again and after step 3 try debug again this should work]


6. Add include folder to this location[Project Properties -> C/C++ Build -> Settings -> Cross ARM C Compiler -> Includes -> includes paths (-l) ]

Add include = C:\Freescale\KDS_3.0.0\toolchain\arm-none-eabi\include [Based on where you have installed your KDS. Check where is your KDS include folder]

>> Clean Project

>> Build Project


Hope No More Error! Enjoy KDS!