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I need a C++ and ProjectExpert for DSC 56F82xx. Is it available? I can't find the way to do so in CW 10.6.4 ?!

Question asked by Dmitry Rogachev on Jun 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2015 by Fiona Kuang

I am migrating from old CW8.3 to CW10.6.4

I am trying to take the hardware configuration, change it a bit, and write a better C++ code for DSC 56F82xx,

I was able to import old C program from CW8.3 to CW10.6.4 (it can't be compiled due to errors) and export .peb hardware configuration file.

Then I tried to create C++ project, and intended to import .peb file, to define the hardware.

But I got the message that C++ system does not support the Project Expert.


Is it true?

Can I still have PExpert and C++ support for my DSC?


Thank you,