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Problems with FXOS8700CQ

Question asked by Rafael Dalazen on Jun 1, 2015

Hi folks,

I'm new with Freescale microcontrollers, so I need some help to configurate the FXOS8700CQ inertial sensor . Following the Processor Expert Manual, I think that I have to use the Macros present in the file PE_Types.h to initiate the sensor, but the functions shown in the Manual ( setRegBit (RegName, BitName), for example) are not presents in my PE_Types.h code file... I'm using the KL26Z128 microcontroller and CodeWarrior 10.6. My code file file is attached here . The I2C0 is configured, but the code has only comments, because I know the specifications (based in FXOS8700CQ manual, page 30th), but I don't know how to implement this. Can somebody give me a clue?


Thank you!


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