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Fsl P1020rdb board: After hard reset all the registers are getting reset. How to store the last reset cause i.e POR or Watchdog Reset? How to do soft reset in uboot 2011-12 for p1020rdb board?

Question asked by Jey Patel on Jun 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2015 by Pavel Chubakov

Hi ,


I am using freescale p1020rdb board and freescale provided uboot 2011-12 for the same board.

I want to store the reset cause of last time.

I want to verify that the board is reset due to "POR" or "Watchdog triggered reset"?

From the reference manual I thought  GUTS_MCPSUMR, GUTS_AUTORSTSR, GUTS_RSTRSCR register should contain the reset reason,

however when I printed in  Uboot source code, it was 0 after reset.

How can i find out the reason of the status register not updating.

From e500 manual I found that after hard reset all the above registers will be reset.

So my thought is, instead of hard-reset I will do soft reset  and can get the reason for reset.

Can someone provide me uboot sample code for soft reset?


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