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Looking for TWR-K24F120M, retrun to default OpenLINK OpenSDAv2.1 app

Question asked by nick_utrc on Jun 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2015 by Hui_Ma



I've change a TWR-K24F120M to run the Segger J-Link debugger app and have no issues compiling and debugging the code.


The issue is the code I have needs to outputs a menu to the serial terminal meaning I have to remove the Segger J-Link app and replace it with the original Openlink OpenSDAv2.1 application (so that the board shows up as an mbed serial port again).


I'm unable to find the original binary, in fact the TWRK24F120M quick start guide on page 32 mentions that there should be a binary on the product homepage to revert back to the original config:


I also know you can use the Keil IDE to create your own, but it requires a license we don't have.


Thanks, any help is appreciated (great if you can just forward the original app binary!)