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Terminal output working, but not input

Question asked by dyspn on May 29, 2015
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On my board using the MCF52230 I'm using the QSPI's tertiary function as URXD1/UTXD1. I've made sure to change all the settings to set it to the right UART port and stuff. I can call printf() and it will appear in my terminal. The problem is when I call scanf() it hangs and waits for input, but I type a string and hit enter and I don't receive anything back. Really confused why it isn't working, so any help would be beneficial.


Here's what the code looks like.

char str[64] = "Test";   MCF_GPIO_PQSPAR = 0x0F; //Set QSPI to tertiary function URXD1/UTDX1 #if (CONSOLE_IO_SUPPORT || ENABLE_UART_SUPPORT)      printf("Enter stuff: "); //Appears in terminal      scanf(" %s",str); //Then nothing happens when I enter a string (can't see what I'm typing unless I have echo on)      printf("You entered %s",str); //Never get to this point, since I'm apparently not receiving anything  


I've tried the same thing with uart_putchar, and uart_getchar. Same thing happens. uart_putchar will work, but I won't get anything back when entering a char with uart_getchar.


It loops like the code is getting stuck on this loop in uart_getchar, and me inputting stuff into the terminal isn't letting me get out of it.

char uart_getchar (int channel) {    /* Wait until character has been received */     while (!(MCF_UART_USR(channel) & MCF_UART_USR_RXRDY))      {         //Getting stuck in this loop!     };     return (char)MCF_UART_URB(channel); }