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Issue with Enabling DCU/HDMI on LS1021A Kernel

Question asked by khandavalli on May 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2015 by Yiping Wang



I'm working on LayerScape LS1021ATWR facing difficulties in enabling the DCU/HDMI on the LS1 kernel.  Following is my configuration info


SDK: v1.7

Kernel: v3.12.19

U-boot: Bank0: Normal u-boot

             Bank1: Lpuart u-boot

RCW: Bank0: RSR_PPS_70/rcw_1000.bin

           Bank1: rcw_1000_dcu.bin

Switch Settings: SW2: 10000111

                           SW3: 01101001

Jumper Settings: J19-20: 1-2

Filesystem: Graphical image

bootargs=console=ttyLP0,115200 hdmi root=/dev/nfs nfspath=<path to rootfs> rootwait rw ip=dhcp video="fslfb:640x480-32@60,monitor=hdmi"


I'm  trying to boot the kernel from the bank1 where in u-boot is configured for lpuart and rcw is also for dcu (I have also verified with rcw_1000_lpuart.bin in bank1). Im booting via NFS, since booting via sdcard while testing hangs the board. I wanted to know if i'm missing something in the bootargs, I have verified that all the modules required for dcu are compiled built-in and required dts information is also present. could you please help in enabling the HDMI in kernel while booting from bank1.





Arun Khandavalli.