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Kinetis MK10, pin state after reset, chip unprogrammed

Question asked by Reto Cavelti on May 29, 2015
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for a pre test i need to know following:

i have a MK10DN512VLK10, unprogrammed, but with power supply of 3.3V. External signals of 3.3V are connected to some pin of the microcontroller.

How can i be sure, that none of these signal can damage the unprogrammed but supplied microcontroller?

In the datasheet i can read, that the mux bits of PORTx_PCRn are undefined after reset. So some of the pins of the micro can randomly be configured as outputs (e.g. SPI CS).

So my question is, if this pins also act as outputs or are they only configured as outputs but are still high impendance. Where in the datasheet can i find an answer? Could it be that only after enabling the clock to the modules (e.g. SPI) the pins act as configured?


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