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About LVDS AC parameter in i.MX6DQ.

Question asked by Keita Nagashima on May 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2015 by Keita Nagashima

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Refer to "Table 31. I/O AC Parameters of LVDS Pad" in IMX6DQAEC_Rev.3.



What does "Operating Frequency" parameter meaning?

(The parameter is Serializer clock, isn't it?)



Next, refer to Table 39-4. LDB Clock Sources in IMX6DQRM(Rev.2).

- interface serializer clock : Up to 595 MHz


Why is the max value "800MHz" in I/O AC Parameters of LVDS Pad?

Or, why is minimal value a blank?



Refer to "Table 39-2. LDB IP Parametric Table" in IMX6DQRM(Rev.2).

- IPU_DI0_CLK, IPU_DI1_CLK- Display interface clock: 20-170 MHz

- DI0_SERIAL_CLK, DI1_SERIAL_CLK - Serializer clock: 140-595 MHz


I consider that if one use the Dual channel mode, Serializer clock will be below formula.

• Dual Channel configuration

- Pixel clock: up to 170 MHz

- LVDS Clock frequency = Pixel clock x 7/2 = 170*7/2 = 595MHz

--> In case of Display interface clock: 20MHz, LVDS Clock frequency = 20MHz x 7/2 = 70MHz


So, I think that below spec is correct.

- DI0_SERIAL_CLK, DI1_SERIAL_CLK - Serializer clock: 70-595 MHz


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